9 sites to make free online calls without registration (2023)


Why spend money when you can make free calls online without registration? Take full advantage of technology and use many websites to call your loved ones for free and without registering with them. I'm sure you always wanted to try it but were skeptical, but now I'm busting all the myths about it.

9 sites for free calls online without registration

Not all websites are trustworthy enough when it comes to making free online calls without registration. In fact, some of them can be used in exchange for paid plans, while others had a long registration process. That's why I chose these 9 awesome websites that offer free phone calls.

1. Citrus-Tel


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I am sure you have heard of Citrus Tel which is mainly used for free international calls without online registration. You can use this service to call any cell phone or landline. The service uses a web-based VOIP service that does not require the download of any additional applications.

However, it certainly requires you to use a modern browser and a good internet connection to use most of its services.

The process is quite simple, just select the country and enter the full number along with the code to make a call. The site partners with over 2,000 telecom operators around the world, making it a leading source of totally free calls to any number. Along with this website alsomaintains great privacyand security also for the user.

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2. Glophone


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Globfone tries a bit to offer its users something more besides allowing you to make free calls online without registration. This includes services likevideo chat,Text messages,data exchangeis much more. In fact, this has also given the site its fair share of popularity.

You can also check them through their mobile applications. In fact, the services work without the other person having to use the application.

You do not need to create an account to make calls to landlines and mobiles of your choice from any country in the world. Their services are also quite impressive in terms of speed and security. And of course, the quality of voice calls is also maintained through its VoIP connectivity option.

3. Pop-tox


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The next option that allows you to make free online calls without registration is Poptox. You can call any number you want directly from your PC through this page, no matter where your PC operates from.

The website works in any standard web browser and you do not need any additional plugins or applications for this. Just enter the number, select the country and start calling. As simple as that! Whether it's local calls or international calls, Poptox makes all kinds of calls possible. However, apart from making calls, it does not offer any other services.

The website is fully functional, but you may face some location restrictions when it comes to making international calls. But it is a great opportunity to use these types of services without registering on their platform.

4. Call two friends


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To make free calls online, you need to check out this website called Call2Friends. The site promises high-quality international and local calls directly from your browser. You can call any number anywhere in the world using the web-based application without the hassle of downloading.

While there is an option to opt out of enhanced access and service options, you can still use the Site's services without this process.

However, their services are only free for some countries, but fortunately for other international calls, the rates are quite affordable and much lower than for telecom services. Other additional features that Call2Friends offers are caller ID setup for unique, fast and secure outgoing numbers, recording all outgoing calls, no registration and donations required, etc.

5. Evaphone


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iEvaphone is not a new name when it comes to making free online calls without registration to any number you want. Whether it's a PC, Mac or smartphone, iEvaphone allows you to call any number you want from any of these platforms.

The site also offers its own mobile app that makes it easy for users to manage and make calls. The simple interface, with no marketing ploys or pop-ups, is another plus point of the site.

And of course, there's no hassle or paperwork involved with free trials, credit card details, additional plugins, etc. In fact, you don't even have to find ads in between. The process is very easy without any extra effort. It's like using VoIP phone service whenever and wherever you want without spending a single penny.

6. Espionage


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Spytox works primarily as aphone location serviceBut you can also use it to call different numbers. It is actually a white pages directory that can be used to search for people, addresses,social media profile, phone numbers, etc.

Also, you can make free online calls with Spytox without registration. In fact, you can send not only calls but also text messages through it.

Well, the way the site works for free is quite different from other sites. You need call credit to call through Spytox and there are some of the tasks provided by the website to earn it. Or of course you can pay to win it. I think the site is a very good option not only to call someone but also to know very well about that person.

7. Make free calls online


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The site works exactly as the name, where you can make free calls online now or whenever you want to any number of your choice, mobile or landline. While the interface of the website is not as impressive as others, the services are quite up to date.

The site keeps showing ads which are quite annoying. As the website promises, they have no hidden charges for calls and offer their phone services in more than 40 countries.

And of course, you don't need to download an app for that. In addition to international calls, the site handles local calls without registration or payments very well. However, the biggest limitation of Make Free Calls Online is that you can make 4 minutes of free calls at one time and you can make 576 minutes of calls in a single day.

8. Hangouts de Google


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This may surprise many as you can use Google Hangouts as a means of making free online calls without downloading, but it actually works with some limitations. While not as comprehensive as other sites, you can rely on this Google service when making phone calls.

However, the recipient must also use the same service to connect with you, and you must also save their contact number.

In addition to the free calling service, you also get services like video calls, text messages, etc. And you can use Google Hangouts from any platform with complete security and privacy. However, you must first subscribe to the service to fully explore and access it.

9.Z Search


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The last option I chose for free calls online without registration is Zlookup. Like Spytox, the service is mainly used as a reverse phone lookup service, but thanks to its versatility, you can also use it to make free calls.

All of their services are free, which includes full personal details, as well as text messages and calls.

The process is completely simple and does not require any information (personal or financial) to do so. It works in different countries and with millions of entries in its directory, I believe that you can not only call the number you want, but also know its identity. Simply enter the number and select the country to easily make free calls to any landline or mobile number.


I find it much simpler and easier to use websites to make free online calls without registration than mobile apps. Not only can you access all the services without having to download anything, but you can also use these sites for free. Try some of the sites I mentioned above and see how they work.


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