Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (2023)

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Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (1)

Home pets always lift your spirits for all the love they bring. It will be an added convenience if they are skilled enough to do their business in specific locations. Frequently having to walk your pets is another chore and who doesn't want relief? Litter boxes are part of that relief, but they come with other problems. Cleanliness and lingering odors are just a few of them, and since not all tanks are created equal, choosing the right one is a no-brainer.

Odor control is an important consideration when dealing with cat waste. There are other factors like absorbency, clumping ability, and more features like these that need to be considered. So, here we have compiled a list of the best cat litter for odor control. You can evaluate various features in detail and decide accordingly. Also included are our top picks, which have proven to be some of the best available from multiple brands. Also, your cat will prefer a basic litter upgrade or need to keep going outside.

Reviews of the Most Effective Cat Litter for Odor Control

We've listed the best anti-odor cat litter after they've been tested and ranked by our experts. Buyers also loved them for the features that come with them. Each of these will help you understand these characteristics in order to make an informed decision on what is best suited for your pet.

The 10 best cat litter for sale in 2023


Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (2)

Fresh Step Advanced Sin Perfume cat litter

  • 99.9% dust free
  • No added fragrances
  • advanced formula
Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (3)

Average rating 9.9


Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (4)

Arm & Hammer cat arena deodorant

  • It works with any dirt.
  • Odor removed immediately
  • 50% lighter
Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (5)

Average rating 9.8


Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (6)

Purina Tidy Cats Glade cat litter

  • Strong agglomeration effect
  • 10 days of odor control
  • low dust formula
Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (7)

Average rating 9.8


Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (8)

PURINA waste paper from yesterday

  • Effective odor control.
  • No fragrance added
  • easy maintenance
Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (9)

Average rating 9.7


Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (10)

Fresh Step Advanced Febreze Katzenstreu

  • Smell of mountain springs
  • easy digging
  • 99% dust free
Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (11)

Average rating 9.7


Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (12)

Boxiecat Harte Klumpstreu

  • Lumps immediately flat
  • more durable
  • Scoops easily
Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (13)

Average rating 9.6


Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (14)

Pride of the cats by Klumpstreu

  • Blocks odors instantly.
  • 25% lighter
  • Fresh, clean scent.
Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (15)

Average rating 9.5


Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (16)

Purina Tidy Gatos Tidy Max

  • easy cleaning
  • Controls ammonia odors.
  • Pleasant forest scent
Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (17)

Average rating 9.5


Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (18)

Fresh Step Deodorant Crystals

  • Releases a light fragrance.
  • dissolves over time
  • neutralizes odors
Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (19)

Average rating 9.4


Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (20)

Fresh Step Extreme Fragrance Sand

  • Ideal for arena for multiple cats
  • 99.9% dust free
  • It absorbs liquids quickly.
Best Cat Litter for Odor Control (Review) in 2023 | AAFRC top picks (21)

Average rating 9.3

1. Fresh Step Advanced Simply Odorless Cat Arena

What we like

  • No added fragrances or dyes
  • High quality clumping soil.
  • activated charcoal formula
  • Fights odors on contact
  • Clump Lock Technology
  • 99.9% dust free

Fresh Step is one of the top vet recommended options and also a strong recommendation from us. The fragrance-free formula that it has is dust and fragrance free. So it's great for cat poop and the fact that it can control odors for a longer period of time. We think it's amazing how it starts to fight odor on contact. The 18.5 pound bag would also be good enough for a while. Also, since this low dust cat litter is made with your cat's health in mind, it is also recommended. High-quality clumping soil does not stick to the cat's paw, which in turn reduces the chance of scattering.

The most amazing feature for us is the extremely advanced formula designed to neutralize odors. We would rate this as one of the best odorless cat litters out there. The activated carbon it contains is responsible for eliminating bad odors. There are no added fragrances, and even without them, odor control is guaranteed for at least ten days. In our opinion, the biggest advantage is the Clump Lock technology, which makes cleaning the bit quick and easy. Stinky sparks don't have a chance to bother you.

2. ARM & Hammer cat arena deodorant

What we like

  • 7-day fresh fragrance guarantee
  • Completely eliminates odors.
  • bears force multi-cat
  • 100% dust free
  • Lightweight

ARM & Hammer developed this deodorant with the intention of being completely powder free and 50% lighter. Our credit also goes to the 7-day guarantee offered by the brand. The cat poop will smell fresh for the weather, which we like. Any odor left behind by your pets will be completely neutralized with this cat litter deodorizer. Many buyers have appreciated the ease of emptying the litter box and have stated that it really is a light odor control litter.

We put this deodorizer on our list because it is the best dust free cat litter out there. The advanced formula has a revolutionary look designed to combat even strong odors. Even if you have more than one cat in the house, the deodorizer will be able to process all the odors they create. The presence of baking soda is one reason this can be done efficiently. Available packets of the deodorant are in 20 oz and 30 oz quantities. You can buy based on your needs or the number of cats you have at home.

3. Purina Tidy Cats com Glade Tough Odor Solutions

What we like

  • Forms strong and dense lumps.
  • easy cleaning aid
  • 20 pound package
  • low dust formula

Two well-known brands have developed Purina Tidy Cats Odor Solution to bring a great product to the market. We like how it forms strong, solid clumps very efficiently, which are much easier to clean up afterwards. Exploring becomes a much easier task in our opinion. The powder content is also on the lower end, making it much easier to pour clean kitty litter. The area around the litter box is tidy because dust-free kitty litter doesn't spread as much. The brand claims the £20 pack is 99.9% dust-free, which we really like.

The most amazing thing about Spoon Cat Litter Additive is that the formula eliminates 4 types of strong odors. The moisture-activated effect cares for and blocks odors instantly. All unpleasant odors are blocked with the powerful formula. We recommend this multi-cat clumping litter for its fast action and 10-day odor control guarantee. Plus, odor removal works 24/7 to keep your home smelling fresh.

4. Purina Yesterday's News Katzenstreu Fragrance-Free Smooth Texture

What we like

  • Non-binding Paper Cat Litter
  • Effective odor control.
  • No fragrance added
  • smoother texture

You'll find clay litter often, but this one from PURINA Yesterday's News is paper litter. We like it because the texture is much smoother and it also has no fragrance. Overall, it is one of the best quiet cat litters on our list. You get 13.23 pounds of debris in one package, which is good for a couple of weeks. Made from paper, the soft pellets are designed to provide effective odor control and a low profit margin. Due to what the pellets have to offer, it will be rare for your pets to ingest the contents of your waste. The low drag factor makes cleaning much easier and reduces effort.

One amazing aspect of this best traceless cat litter is that it absorbs three times more than regular kitty litter. Also, there is almost no dust, since cat droppings come from the paper. With that in mind, we appreciate how unscented cat litter can provide effective odor control. Because it's a non-clumping formula, you can also be sure it's free of harmful chemicals. The entire product is very eco-friendly and 99.9% dust free as the pellets are made from recycled paper. With all its properties, we understand that it is an ecological litter for domestic cats.

5. Fresh Step advanced clumping cat arena

What we like

  • It has a fresh spring mountain aroma.
  • Ten days of odor control
  • Clump Lock Technology
  • Fights odors on contact
  • low mileage cat litter
  • 99% dust free

Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Cat Litter is specifically designed to fight odor longer with its superior formula. This cat litter eliminates strong odors and gives off a fresh spring scent. The fragrance is not overpowering and will ensure that your home always smells fresh. Febreze's fresh, fresh fragrance are key factors. We have this as one of the best cat litters for removing odors. After using the 37 pounds of soil, it stays fresh for 10 days. We were amazed at how effective the formula was and how quickly it worked. Cleaner air is what you can get.

We also like its 99.9% dust-free nature, which means even the space around debris stays pretty clean. Clump Lock technology eliminates tough clumps and reduces messy cleanup. This makes cleanup easier as digging becomes quite convenient as well. With this odorless cat litter, the formation of footprints is also much less. The deodorant completely absorbs any liquid. No stinky crumbs left over, leave your home smelling super fresh with the scent of cat litter that eliminates bad odors.

6. Boxiecat Premium Compact Cat Litter Box

What we like

  • Improved formula for dust control
  • Formation of rock-hard lumps
  • Eliminates the smell of ammonia.
  • hypoallergenic formula
  • twice durable
  • 99.9% dust free

Many buyers and vets claim that this is truly the best litter ever. Especially if you have a cat with a litter allergy, this is a clear recommendation from us. The hypoallergenic formula ensures that your pets do not suffer ill effects and takes care of the elimination of odors. We also come across the fact that it's twice as durable, so the 28lb bag will outlast you for quite some time. The new and improved formula feels great, and we like the powder-free effect. Boxiecat claims that their product is 99.9% dust free, which we also found to be very efficient.

We also like the product because it removes odors caused by ammonia. Also, clumps of hard stones are a result of using this hypoallergenic cat litter. For this reason, digging through the rubble is much easier. Even multiple litters of kittens can be fed with a single boxiecat formula sachet. Our thanks also go to the natural formula and low trace granules. Your pet won't pick up any of the litter with its paws if you're concerned.

7. Katzenstreu Cat Pride Clumping Clay

What we like

  • Eliminates odors for up to 10 days
  • Easy to pick up and dispose of
  • 25% lighter
  • forms hard lumps

Cat Pride Fragrance Free Premium Kitty Litter is one of the most popular products on our list. It is the best sand for the smell of cats due to its lightness and its effective action. Compared to others, we found it to be 25% lighter, making your job much easier. We were also very impressed with the clumping ability of the kitty litter. It is easy to clean as it is formed into firm, removable pieces.

Having a litter of kittens can be tricky, but feline pride solves that problem. The brand guarantees odor-free litter for 10 days. We also like how it takes care of dirt during the given time and when it comes to cleaning it can be done quickly. It is not like traditional molds that are more difficult to execute and even to cast, which is its greatest advantage. The package you get with Amazon's clay-based cat litter weighs around 8kg, which is a good deal considering the price.

8. Purina Tidy Cats with Glade Clumping Cat Litter

What we like

  • Blocks the smell of ammonia for two weeks.
  • It has moisture activated parts.
  • Forms strong and dense lumps.
  • 38 pound box

Purina Tidy Cats offer excellent absorbency and eliminate unpleasant odors. After application, it will be ready to wear for two weeks as the formula aggressively blocks ammonia odor. We definitely recommend it if you have more than one cat at home, as it makes the best multi-litter. We were impressed by the presence of moisture-activated electrical parts that absorb odors and liquids. It's great to see how two brands can create some of the best cat litter available in a £38 box.

Trap Cat Litter reviews and our experts determined that this is the best all-purpose cat litter due to its powerful action. Leaves a light scent that keeps the air fresh and clean. We think this comfort is an advantage, as it makes the litter more welcoming for your pet. In return, they will have more confidence to mind their own business at checkout. Without the scattering of dust particles, routine cleaning is much easier for you. You can trust the odor absorber's low-dust formula.

9. Fresh Step Litter Box Deodorant Crystals

What we like

  • Activate every time you use the arena
  • Releases a light fragrance.
  • Do not leave any residue.
  • water soluble crystals
  • 100% non-toxic

Freshstep Odor Eliminator is one of the unique solutions for cat litter odor problems. The final product is crystals that you can mix with your cat's waste to solve odor problems. We rate this very high for its non-toxic nature and safety for your pets. You don't have to worry about exposing your pets to toxic chemicals as it is 100% toxic and chemical free. In addition, the crystals ensure that no odor is left behind every time your cat uses the litter. Many buyers and our team have cited it as the best kitty litter due to its pet-friendly quality.

Another amazing aspect that we love about these odor-eliminating crystals is that they don't leave behind any residue. The crystals simply disintegrate over time with no fuss or mess. They are soluble in water, which allows them to do that, which impressed us. Every time your cat goes to the litter box, the crystals activate to do their part. There will be a constant presence of freshness and a light aroma, very pleasant to the senses.

10. Fresh Step Febreze en fragancia Mountain Spring

What we like

  • It carries a spring mountain fragrance.
  • 10-day odor control guarantee
  • ammonia block technology
  • Paw Activated Fragrance
  • low dust formula

Known as commercial cat litter for dust buildup, this Fresh Step product is best for extreme odors. The formula that carries it has great power to eliminate even the strongest odors that we value the most. Any cat litter odor will be completely deodorized with the help of this premium odor control cat litter. What remains is a light aroma of mountain spring, which we have loved with this product. The scent activates every time your pet climbs on the bed, providing a constant burst of scent.

We were also very impressed with the ammonia block technology used in this litter. Controls odor for 10 days along with controlling bacterial growth. Any ammonia enzymes present are deactivated to ensure there is only a fresh scent in the room. This is how you can be sure of getting cleaner air. Plus, the clay-based formula is low in dust, making it easy to pour and clean up. It is our definitive recommendation if you have more than one furry companion at home.

The Ultimate Buying Guide For Odor Control Cat Litter

Choosing the best anti-odour cat litter is not an easy task since you have to take into account many factors such as the health of your pet, odors, formula and much more. This buying guide will help you gain information to find the most effective cat litter for odor control. All pet owners face the problem of unpleasant odors in rooms where their pets carry out their activities. For this reason, we have described all aspects for you in detail. It's confusing to choose from so many brands and features you would look at. We're here to help you find the best odorless, dust-free cat litter.

How to remove the smell of cat litter?

Kitty litter can often give off a pungent odor, but this is normal. It's an addition to cleanup, but life is so much easier with a litter box in your home. However, you can try these methods to get rid of the smell if it stinks.

clean regularly

One of the best ways to ensure that no odors remain in or around the litter box is to clean it twice a day. Take out the trash as you go and add new trash next to it. Cats prefer to use a clean litter box, which also prevents incidents with carpets. Also, you can thoroughly wash the litter box once a week. Daily cleaning will hardly be enough and make sure you use the best odor absorbing cat litter.

Choose the best offer

It is very important to know which litter to use. Piling trash is much more convenient than any other scented trash or odor masking. They often have additives that are harmful to pets and cleaning them is not so convenient. The clumping litter ensures that hard clumps are also formed from the urine, so you can collect everything again quickly. Before you decide, take a look at some of the best cat litter for urine odor control.

Check your cat's diet

Cats are carnivores, so raw meat is easier to digest than grain. Feeding them to keep them on a raw meat based diet makes this a great option for odorless poop. Once again, dry food is a big problem, as it increases the ammonia levels in the cat's urine, which will eventually make the litter smell bad. It is better to feed them high-quality food so that there are almost no odors.

Add an air purifier

We get used to air fresheners slowly and they can also be helpful in removing odors. Using an air freshener is one of the best options, since odors are definitely present. Some brands even claim whether or not their product can remove cat litter odor. Look for the ones that will have your home smelling fresh in no time.

Who makes the best cat litter to smell?

beautiful release

Pretty litter is a brand developed by veterinarians and scientists specialized in this area. The reason for the brand is to create products that are safe for cats, which is why the brand is well known today. Silica gel is what they use in their products, which makes cat litter unique compared to others.

clean cat litter

Skoon is a brand known for its effectiveness and efficient odor control. Odor control cat litter buyers and reviews mention how their products do a good job of controlling odor and in a very natural way. The most attractive feature for buyers is that their product is four times lighter than any other junk available.

Special arena for Kitty cats

We have learned from reviews of the best cat litter for odor control that special cat litter is one of the brands. Special cat litter is one of the few brands that can formulate a pet-friendly product that enhances comfort. You can trust special cat litter when designing a safe product for your pets.

frisco cat arena

Frisco is a very affordable brand that still manages to offer great quality products. It's a great brand if you have multiple cats at home. All of their cat litters are excellent, as experts and buyers will see. If you are looking for the best cat litter at a low price, this is a brand that we recommend.

What should you consider when buying cat litter for odor?

Purchasing cat litter may seem easy, but there are always certain things to consider before completing your purchase. Everything plays a role here, from your pet's habits to the type of odor situation you have in your home. Plus, cat litter also comes in a wide variety, so these detailed resources will help you choose the best cat litter for sniffing.

type of throw

Cat litter comes in a variety of compositions ranging from clay to silica, paper, pecan, wheat and corn etc. Each one has a different meaning, such as: Paper-based odor control cat litter tablets are eco-friendly and offer many options. Of those, your decision should be based on what your priority is, whether it's overcrowding or choosing a safe product for your cat.


It is often misconstrued that scented kitty litter is supposed to be better at controlling odors. However, it works best without fragrances and is still safe for your pets. Scented cat litters often have additional chemicals added to induce odor. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the best unscented cat litter for odor control that has a strong formula. Whether or not cat litter has good odor control depends primarily on the formula, not the odor it leaves behind.


Clumping is important when it comes to choosing the best cat litter to minimize poop odor. Bedding should form strong, hard clumps after your pets have relieved themselves. This is crucial because of the cleanup part, and you'll have a much easier time cleaning the litter box if the litter you use is good, compact. Otherwise, you would see a mess that is much more difficult to clean up.


Many brands claim their litter is four times lighter or 50% lighter. This means that the litter you use is lighter and much easier to clean up. Heavier kitty litter isn't easy to pour or scoop up, so you'll need to look for lighter kitty litter. In the end, it's all about convenience, since you'll be cleaning up the mess quite often.


As you pour the trash into the box, you will notice a certain amount of dust. This dust should be minimal and preferably non-existent. This powder simply has two drawbacks. First, the area around the box will get dirty, and every time your cat goes outside, he'll carry litter. Dust particles should also not be present in the air in your home, which makes choosing the best dust-free, odor-controlling cat litter very important.

frequent questions

What is the best cat litter for odor control?

Dr Elsey's Ultra Solid Mix is ​​the best natural odor control for kitty litter.

Where is the best place to buy cat litter for odor control?

You can easily buy odor control cat litter on Amazon as they offer multiple brands with different prices for the available products.

How much does it cost to buy odor control cat litter?

The price of the best odor control cat litter can range from $10 to $30, depending on the brand and quantity.

Is scented cat litter better than unscented?

Both are viable options for choosing the best cat litter; only cats are sometimes allergic to odors, in this case you should buy odorless products.

What is the best cat litter for odor control and clumping?

Fresh Step Advanced Easy Unscented clumping cat litter is the perfect choice for you.


Our pets are our furry companions that we love dearly but sometimes require extra effort to handle. Especially when it comes to your sticky and smelly landfills. Therefore, it is important to adjust their habits and choose the right litter for them. We have this detailed review here, along with the buying guide, to help you understand what goes into choosing the best cat litter odor control. I hope this has helped give you an idea of ​​what your pet might need and how you can reduce your cleaning effort.

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