The 10 Best Better Call Saul Characters, Ranked (2023)

Breaking Badbecomea global phenomenon for its effective storytelling, which captivates audiences week after week. A key factor in its success were its characters: competent, convincing criminals and police officers who, despite their excesses, were relatable and undeniably human.

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the series prequel,Better call Saulis, in any case,an even more popular narrative piece, with many of the same strengths. Its cast of characters, some of whom returnBreaking Bad, are just as personal, captivating and impressive as those in its main program. However, even in a series with few bad characters, some stand out more than others.

Spoilers ahead until the Season 5 hiatus.


10 Tuco Salamanca returns and is as fun as ever

The 10 Best Better Call Saul Characters, Ranked (1)

One of the first recurring characters inBreaking BadIn the show, many years after his death, Tuco Salamanca has one more opportunity to be loved by the public.Better call Saulit centers on a younger, less powerful Tuco, just one Salamanca among many, fighting for a piece of the pie but no less entertaining for it.

In addition to a little nostalgia,Better call Saulit gives Tuco the opportunity to showcase everything the public loves about him. He is as unpredictable and unstable as ever and he laughs for a minute.and punch the next. However, he tempers his aggression with family loyalty and genuine affection for some of his relatives, showing a different side that fans appreciate.

9 Stacey Ehrmantraut is a reminder of the human world.

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As in the main show, most of the characters are inBetter call Saulare somehow involved in the intertwined worlds of law and crime, whether they are Jimmy McGill's clients, rivals, enemies or family members. A rare exception is Stacey Ehrmantraut, Mike's daughter-in-law and a recurring figure in his story.

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As the mother of Mike's granddaughter, Stacy always brings out her best and coolest side without existing solely for his benefit. She also serves as a reminder of the impact crime has on those around her, particularly in her powerful scenes where she discusses her late husband Matt in a grief group.

8 Nacho Varga Is A Criminal Fans Can Only Like

The 10 Best Better Call Saul Characters, Ranked (3)

Nacho Varga, introduced simply as Tuco's henchman, turns out to be one of the sanest criminals in the series. He suggests smart, moderate moves and dislikes excessive violence or cruelty. Then he piqued the interest of fans and paid for a throwaway joke from Saul's first appearance.Breaking Bad- He gains more prominence in the series, including in his own stories.

Nacho's stories focus almost entirely on his criminal life, but in a sympathetic way. Time and again he gets himself into unfortunate situations, tries to get out of them, and shows his kinder side to his father Manuel. Nacho's fall and death are considered some of the saddest moments in the series.

7 Chuck McGill shows the most exciting side of the series

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Better call SaulIt may be resting on its laurels as a fun, heartwarming show about a fast-talking lawyer who gets tangled up in New Mexico's criminal underworld, but it goes way beyond that. It's a show that explores deeper themes like family, mental illness and betrayal. with incredible depth. A character that fuels this page is Chuck McGill, Jimmy's brother.

At first he seems like a gentle mentor, but one of the big revelations of season one is Chuck's betrayal of Jimmy, who works against him and his law career. From there, he becomes one of the show's antagonists, with a bitter and broken relationship with his brother.that gives the show real emotional heft.

6 Howard Hamlin is never a true villain

The 10 Best Better Call Saul Characters, Ranked (5)

When the show focuses more on the legal side of things than the criminal, Howard Hamlin is a regular antagonist. He appears to block Jimmy's career for much of the first season and later has an uneasy relationship with him, often challenging him on various legal issues and becoming involved in Jimmy's scheme.

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However, Hamlin has a lot more depth than many might expect. Despite little screen time compared to larger characters, he is level-headed, selfless, and has sympathetic motives for many of his worst actions, sometimes even speaking fondly of Jimmy. Ultimately, his death comes as a huge shock and fans wish it never happened.

5 Gus Fring makes a long-awaited return

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of allBreaking BadGus Fring's team of villains wasn't as popular as Gus Fring.He towered over the show for nearly three full seasons.A terribly competent, lifelong career criminal, Gus is a meth kingpin on a scale few can dream of. Returns in season 3 ofBetter call Saul, depicting his rise to power before his encounter with Walter White.

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a great focus ofBetter call Saulit's Gus' battle with the more villainous Salamanca family, dragging the likes of Nacho and Mike into his dealings while taking on the cartel. He displayed all the competition, ruthlessness and quiet wisdom he exuded.Breaking Bad, Gus is just as popular on this show as he was on that one.

4 Mike Ehrmantraut is a beloved supporting actor.

The 10 Best Better Call Saul Characters, Ranked (7)

DespiteBetter call Saulis Jimmy's story, Mike Ehrmantraut plays an even more prominent role in it than inBreaking Bad, with a lot of screen time dedicated to his actions in Albuquerque's criminal underworld.

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In fact, Mike is more deadly, more driven, and absolutely amazing.Better call Saulthan viewers have ever seen him, and the show also explores his more human side. Despite his pragmatism, he is one of the more moral characters in the series. Fans love him for his character and for directing some of the show's best stories.

3 Lalo Salamanca is the charismatic threat incarnate

The 10 Best Better Call Saul Characters, Ranked (8)

The Salamanca drug trafficking family is one of the protagonists ofBetter call Saul, which often serve as an antagonistic force. Of all its many members, few fans like it as much as Lalo Salamanca. The character is an unrepentant, fearsome yet charming and charismatic villain who feigns enough heat to attract many fans.

Even though he's behind a lot of terrible things, fans love Lalo for convincing he is every second that passes on the screen. Whether speaking in a low voice or holding a gun to someone's head, the mood is always tense when he's around. Some of the show's best moments feature Lalo, and he's one of the best villains.

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2 Kim Wexler is a wonderful story of corruption.

The 10 Best Better Call Saul Characters, Ranked (9)

Kim Wexler, one of the show's standout characters, has always been one of the most important people in Jimmy McGill's life. She is a professional and effective attorney who stays on the right page compared to her more obscure, eccentric, fast-talking friend and eventual love interest.

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At least that's how Kim's story begins. During her long association with Jimmy, she gets more and more in his way, eventually deciding to use all of her wit and competence to stop Jimmy's unorthodox tactics. While the romance angle may drag on for some fans, many enjoy Kim's development almost as much as Jimmy's.

1 Jimmy McGill is a tour de force character

The 10 Best Better Call Saul Characters, Ranked (10)

Saul Goodman has become almost as iconic as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman inBreaking Badwith far less screen time His despicable antics, lack of ethics, and surprising effectiveness in the world of crime and law made fans embrace the character with open arms, and he was the natural choice to star in the prequel.

Better call SaulHe takes everything fans love about Saul and makes it even better in Jimmy McGill. Watching Jimmy try to be a legitimate lawyer only to inevitably fall into Saul Goodman's amoral shoes is a truly tragic and heartbreaking story. and yet the character is still as charming, funny, and downright entertaining as ever.The result is an ideal protagonist., and one that fans can't get enough of.


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