The 30 most beautiful words in the English language (2023)

English is a peculiar and often confusing language that has been shaped and influenced by many others. As such, it has a wide variety of words, but here are a few that we think stand out from the crowd and deserve the "beautiful" tag.

What makes a word "beautiful"?

Unlike things like symphonies or works of art, words are not created with them.Intentionto be beautiful; its purpose is to create meaning. Therefore, determining the "beauty" of a word can be difficult. We can find a beautiful word by its sound and its meaning. But we did not include those words.meangood things like "freedom" or "peace" - because that's what it isconceptthis is so beautiful, not the word itself. We've picked words that sound fancy, unique, or fun, and we've got some really cool-sounding ones, too! And of course we all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so "beauty" in a word is not objective; You could very well have some words that you would find much nicer than these. Here are our picks (in no particular order).

1. whistle

"Hiss" refers to the characteristic sibilant sound produced by the letter S, or comparable sounds like a soft C. There is a lot of hissing in the phrase "seven suspicious snakes." Additional beauty points for the fact that the word itself contains a hiss.

2. Rest

What is it about the "qu" sound, either at the beginning of words or in the middle, that sounds so good to us? "Ruhe," meaning the state of calm or peace, only sounds peaceful when said, with its soft consonant tones and mix of long and short vowels.

3. Terrible

The sound "qu" sounds again! "Globbery" is a much nicer way of saying someone is chatty or chatty. And we wouldn't care if someone had that trait if they used a lot of nice words like that!

4. Lagniappe

What to say?! This loanword from Louisiana French pronounces the "gn" as "gnocchi", making the word like "lah-New app." And what does that mean? It's another word for a gift, usually in monetary form like a tip, and can still be heard in areas of southern Louisiana and southeast Texas.

5. Epiphany

Another nice sound in the English language? The slightly toned "F" sound of a "ph". Framed by the "E" sound, "epiphany" refers to a sudden and profound realization or idea.

6. Abundance

How strange that the way we pronounce a word can completely change it. If we use this word as "pleh-thor-a”, would sound weird and strange. But "Junta-thor-a" sounds like something being thrown on a big fluffy pillow. It means a lot of something, an abundance. Try nice words like these instead.those overused words that sound boring.

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7. Velacho

This word has a very real feel to it, with the "V" at the beginning, the double L, and the period "kor" (not "chor") at the end. Oh, and the meaning? It's so good. It refers to the charming mysticism of an old bookstore.

8. Aurora

The fact that it was chosen as the name of a fairy princess says it all. Initially it was the name of the Roman goddess of dawn. But make no mistake: "Aurora" is not just a name. It also refers to the phenomenon where radiative emissions create a natural display of lights and colors in the sky. (This is perhaps a bit nicer than the word itself.)

9. Sangre

You may have heard of "sanguineous," which can mean "happy and hopeful" and also "red, reddish, or related to blood." But this word pales in comparison to its near-extinct cousin "gore," which is a much nicer way of simply saying "something bloody" or "something to do with blood."

10. Petrichor

The -chor suffix strikes again! It is also pronounced kor, ending the beautiful word petrichor, which refers to the characteristic odor that the air and soil acquire after rain. here are some morebeautiful, rarely used words that we think should come back.

11. Delicacy

While its meaning is certainly nice, as it refers to delicious (and often expensive) food, the word itself sounds pretty cool too.

12. Bloom

It's such a simple (and quite common) word that we can forget how pretty it is beyond its flowery meaning. "Blossom" itself is fine, but adding the third syllable with "ING" makes it a dactyl: one stressed syllable followed by two unstressed, "of-duh-duh” – which makes it flow so much better.

13. Coincidence

This one has a beat, and the pop of the "D" and "P" sounds makes it fun to say. Practical case: a top of the rangenew york restauranthe chose "Serendipity" as a name. While they may have also been inspired by its importance; refers to luck or happy accidents.

14. Abyssopelagic

Just look at this one! While it's admittedly less popular in mainstream usage (and a bit wordy), the fun phonetic nuances in this 13-letter doozy make it too awesome to ignore. The first five letters can give a clue to the meaning; It is an adjective denoting the deep regions of the ocean (or 'the abyss'), as in the 'Abyssopelagic Zone'.

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15. Panacea

Here is another beautiful word with a beautiful meaning. A panacea is something that can cure or cure anything, or more generally solve any problem. It's mostly used in theory, as in: "This law might make things a bit better, but it's certainly not a panacea." It comes from the name of a Greek goddess of (you guessed it) healing.

16. Clean

Here's another word with a slightly royal twist. Despite its phonetic boom, this word is currenthalf“simple and light; almost transparent" or "slightly cloudy".

17. Tiredness

Noah Webster and his All-American Dictionaries, which he compiled shortly after the Revolutionary War.Putting kibosh in many British spellings, including the combination "or" in words like "color" and "flavor." The "uo" combination is even rarer, which makes this word so beautiful. "Fatigue" means lack of energy or vitality, or more briefly, inertia or laziness.

18. Happiness

Here's another one that's just plain cute, as evidenced by its use as a girl's name. And your non-proper name meaning is so beautiful; it stands for happiness or bliss and sometimes refers specifically to a marriage.

19. Limerence

Like a limerick, but without the rather harsh "K" sound at the end, this word is an old-fashioned way of describing intense feelings of obsession or infatuation with another person.

20. Taradilla

Saying words isn't much more fun than "Taradiddle." Sadly this one is out of date, but it means either a misstatement or a bit of gibberish if you want to try and reintroduce it into the mainstream lexicon. here are some morefunny and almost extinct words that we think people should start using again.

21. Galactic

The phonetic beginning and end that "galactic" demands of you while saying it might be a different kind of beauty than the lyrics of "Epiphany" or "Serendipity," but we still think it deserves a place on this list that deserves a match. it's just sounds. "Galactic" is obviously an adjective referring to galaxies; as such, it can also mean immense or massive.

22. silhouette

The "ette" sound is another unsung hero of the English language. The word "shadow" is a bit abrupt, and shadows in general can be pretty scary, but there's a reason it's been replaced with "silhouette", which gives it a nicer connotation. That "H" just adds a little fun, doesn't it?

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23. Phosphene

This word with its double "PH" and its ending "-es" seems to be the name of a Greek god. Its true meaning is much less glamorous; Phosphenes are the strange moving illusions you see after rubbing your eyes. (You didn't know they had names, did you?)

24. Fuego

Seriously, why do we say "fuel" when we could say "brand" with a much more lyrical sound? Of course, "mark" can also refer to a more figurative fire; it can mean something that causes emotion or confusion. Flammable definitely leaves no room for doubt.

25. Steps

We thought "akimbo" would be the cool modern art display for the elegant landscapes of these other words. A delightfully percussive word, "akimbo," is also very specific; It means the position where your hands are on your hips with your elbows extended. here are some morefunny words for things you didn't know had names.

26. Quintessence

You're probably familiar with the word "quintessence," an adjective that means the purest, most perfect embodiment of something. But have you ever heard the noun form of "quintessence"? Instead of saying, "Jimmy's is the quintessential American restaurant," introduce that kind word by saying, "Jimmy's is the only one."quintessenceof small-town American diners.

27. Elixir

If you thought this was a fictional word created to describe youharry potterPotions, you are wrong! This short and sweet word has a bit of symmetry with the two "I's" surrounding the "X". (Wouldn't it be less nice if it were "elixir"?) And it actually refers to a medicinal or alchemical concoction. see if you canFind out if these funny words are real or made up.

28. Melting

At first glance, this seems like the perfect fusion of "pretty" and "excess". An absolute delight, actually saying "melting"half"sweet or soft flow" or "sweet sound".homologous herb(a word that describes itself)!

29. Sisigia

Yes, this is a real word and we think the English language is best suited for it! And if you thought that word couldn't get any cooler, it refers to an alignment of celestial bodies or planets. This might just become our new favorite word!

30. Quadrivium

Finish strong with another adorable "Q" word. It's also an oldie but goodie: straight from Latin, it literally refers to the crossroads of four roads, and was adapted in the Middle Ages to refer to the teaching of four essential subjects (arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music). ). .

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