The 8 best character arcs in the Breaking Bad universe, ranked (2023)

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That's all said and donebreaking BadUniverse we can watch both the TV series and the movie (The way) and admire how this extraordinary long-form saga defined an era of television.

Reviewing its episodes and its various plots, bothbreaking BadjBetter call SaulThey were clearly created with special care by their authors. At the end of each program's execution, every detail counted.

But some characters were developed above all others and left us speechless with their complexities, backstories and unexpected turns.

Here I dare to classify the characters of bothbreaking BadjBetter call Saulto see which ones had the best character development arcs.

8. Especially Salamanca

The 8 best character arcs in the Breaking Bad universe, ranked (1)

Seespecially Salamancawalked for the first timeBetter call Sauland identified himself as being from Salamanca, which we thought was too much.

Hector had already been knocked out by Nacho and Fring, so he broughtOthersMember of the Salamanca clan felt forced and unnecessary. Oh, how wrong we were all!

Lalo Salamanca has become one of the greatest figures in modern television, blessed with charm and a smooth personality that made his appearance on the show like no other.

Tony Dalton was a breath of fresh air, bringing a new kind of edge to the game.Better call Saulfull of twists.

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7. Nacho Varga

The 8 best character arcs in the Breaking Bad universe, ranked (3)

nacho vargaHis life unfolded on the screen as one of the most tragic tragediesBetter call Saul.

He was undoubtedly smart, he had a sense of right and wrong, but most of all he wasn't a bad person. He was just someone who unfortunately got mixed up with Hector Salamanca and the cartel.

Watching Nacho become more and more entwined in Fring's hands was almost painful for us, who knew what his life would be like when he was placed in the Chilean's service.

In the end, Nacho's Journey was killed to protect his loving father, which only served to break our hearts in half.

6. Kim Wexler

The 8 best character arcs in the Breaking Bad universe, ranked (4)

Kim WexlererasBetter call Saul'biggest secret in many ways.

At first, she seemed like a woman who knew Jimmy had a crush on her but knew better than to cheat on him. Over time, we saw that they had a much deeper relationship, which came about as Jimmy slowly transitioned from a good man to a ruthless Saul Goodman.

Ultimately, as Kim grew closer to Jimmy in hopes of keeping him on the right path, she only got pulled away from her own career and drawn into Jimmy's web of lies and deceit.

Many of us were convinced he wouldn't make it to the end alive, as he never made an appearance.breaking Bad. However, in the end, she played a certain roleBetter call Saul, and his bow was perfect television.

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5. Gustavo Fring See More

The 8 best character arcs in the Breaking Bad universe, ranked (6)

We still don't know the whole truth about it.Gustavo Fring. He's the kind of character that is so dedicated to the fans that it seems like delving into his past will destroy the secret that makes him so great.

Throughout all your presentationsBetter call Sauljbreaking Bad, Fring was the only character that seemed unstoppable. He was a master tactician and a monster, ready to kill anyone who got in his way.

Gus Fring's character arc was an opera of hate centered on his mission of revenge against the cartel, a mission decades in the making and intricately planned.

When that happened, Fring's true brutality came to the fore. Few could have given as much weight to this character as Giancarlo Esposito, and his legacy as one of television's greatest villains lives on.

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4. Mike Ehrmantraut

The 8 best character arcs in the Breaking Bad universe, ranked (8)

In both series, the story ofMike EhrmanntrautHe combined all the tropes of a traditional "nice guy" into one character.

Mike was originally intended to be a playable character inbreaking Bad, but what we ended up getting was one of the most morally horrible characters out there.breaking BadUniverse.

All Mike wanted to do was protect and provide for his daughter-in-law and granddaughter after their son was murdered by corrupt police officers. This was a challenge that proved to be very difficult.

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And that's how he ended up with Gus Fring. We realized that Mike was essentially a good guy corrupted in his own way by his desire to protect the people he loved, a very tragic character arc.

3. Walter White

The 8 best character arcs in the Breaking Bad universe, ranked (9)

Walter BlancoThe story of was the main story ofbreaking Bad, a series that began with the man being diagnosed with terminal cancer and his desire to support his family by manufacturing and selling meth.

At first, we thought that Walter was an innocent man who was dealt a terrible hand in life and resorted to dirty methods to get the better of his family. But none of that wasIn factTRUE.

Walter White did everything he did becausevaluedbecause it made him feelvivacious. Doing this for the family was just a disguise, a facade, a lie he told himself to become the hero of his own story.

In fact, Walter was never the good guy. He was a wolf living his life as a sheep who abandoned that facade as soon as death caught his eyes, resulting in an epic tale of destruction and collateral damage.

2. Jimmy "Saul Goodman" McGill

The 8 best character arcs in the Breaking Bad universe, ranked (10)

SeBetter call Saulwas first announced as the next series of Hauntedbreaking BadCreative team, fans were skeptical. Of all the characters to explore, they chose...saul gutmann?!

Well, in hindsight, after six perfect seasons of sizzling television, we gotta eat crow. Saul Goodman was the only oneto improveCharacter that Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould could have chosen for a television series.

The Greek tragedy about the life of Jimmy "Saul Goodman" McGill has become one of the finest examples of television storytelling. It might even be that rarest of gems: a prequel series that truly outshines the original.

Through the pain and torture of his life, we see Jimmy McGill grow into a terrible person and then regret the man he has become. It's an absolutely stunning performance that sets an impossible standard.

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1. Jesse Pinkmann

The 8 best character arcs in the Breaking Bad universe, ranked (12)

also has no historybreaking BadÖBetter call Saulcaught our attention as much as the story ofJesse Pinkmann.

Jesse was just a kid who started making meth with Walter White to earn some extra cash. It was perfect? away from there But he certainly didn't deserve to be involved in Walter's evil plans.

Trapped in a life of drug dealing, Jesse Pinkman has always been known for one defining characteristic: a heart that understood right and wrong.

Jesse felt the weight of each situation in a way that Walter and everyone else never did. Jesse wanted to repent of his sins, he wanted to be a better person, but the circumstances didn't allow it.

For all his colorful language and questionable moments, Jesse Pinkman was the moral heart ofbreaking Bad, the bravest and truest good boy, in the same vein as Samwise GamgeeLord of the Rings.

SeThe wayWhen his fate was revealed, we were amused by his escape, knowing he was the only character who deserved to start over.

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