'The Winchesters': The Story of the 'Supernatural' Monster Hunter Family (2023)

You just can't keep a good Winchester in check! AlthoughsupernaturalThe Upcoming Prequel Series Will Officially End in Fall 2020Los Winchesterwas officially picked up by the CW and keeps the monster hunting legacy alive. The series follows a teenage John Winchester (Drake Rodger) e Maria Campbell (e donnelly) — Sam's future parents (Jared Padalecki) e Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) - as sparks begin to fly and they discover dark secrets that tie them to their respective families.

While we know where John and Mary end up, this new series will explore the origins of their romance and everything we didn't know about the Winchester family before Supernatural. But to know where we're going, it helps to know where we've been. Either way, it's time to start the engines and go as we revisit the strange story of John and Mary Winchester.

family history

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The Winchesters come from a long lineage of the Men of Letters, a secret society tasked with narrating the supernatural that goes back to Sam and Dean's paternal great-great-grandfather. This means that John Winchester, his children and grandchildren are all Legacy Men of Letters charged with continuing the time-honored tradition. But John never knew about it because unfortunately his father Henry (Gil Mackinney) disappeared in 1958 after a fight with the Hell Knight Abaddon (Alena Huffmann), which wiped out the entire American branch of Men of Letters ("As Time Goes By").

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In an attempt to escape his assailant, Henry arrived in 2013 where he was supposed to find his grandsons Sam and Dean, only to be killed by Abaddon shortly afterwards. Because of this, John grew up not really knowing his biological father and was raised by his mother, Millie (played by).Bianca Kajlichat The Winchesters) in Lawrence, Kansas. Millie Winchester ended up remarrying, according to a line from the Season 4 episode "In The Beginning..." which suggests that John has some kind of father figure in his life well into adulthood. During the Vietnam War, John joined the United States Marine Corps and served overseas, only to return home and find work as a mechanic. This John Winchester (played byMatt Cohen) was as normal as anyone, seemingly unaware of the paranormal or anything monster hunting or Men of Letters related.

Mary Winchester (née Campbell), on the other hand, grew up in a hunting family. Together with his father Samuel (Mitch Pileggi), Mutter Diana (Allison Hossack) and an unnamed sibling (who reportedly lived in Greenville, Illinois) grew up attacking everything from ghosts and vampires to demons and shapeshifters. Trained to hunt her entire life, Mary was close to her parents and often joined them on various jobs protecting innocent civilians. But eventually young Mary Campbell (played byAmy Gümenick) developed an aversion to hunting and just wanted a normal life. Eventually, Mary John met Winchester and the two fell in love, but only after they hated each other (Cupid obviously changed that, no really). For the first time in her life, Mary finally saw a way out of the hunter's life.

Los Winchester

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In his own time travel adventure, Dean showed up in 1973 just in time for the demon known as Azazel to terrorize Lawrence. In the chaos, the demon kills his parents, Samuel and Deanna Campbell, as well as John, forcing Mary to make an impossible decision. Rather than forfeit his future with John forever, he makes a deal with the yellow-eyed demon to revive his bride, but rather than trade his life for her soul, Azazel negotiates the fate of Mary's unborn child ("In the Beginning..." ). Not long after the loss of their parents, John and Mary were married, the latter giving up her Campbell name and bloody legacy for her new identity as Winchester. Little did Mary know that the Winchesters were just as prone to paranormal activity as the Campbells, if not more so.

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Five years later, in 1978, John and Mary, then pregnant with their firstborn son, Dean, are visited again by their children from the future (this time Sam Dean joins them), who have traveled through time to meet their parents before a to save the apostate angel. Eventually, they tell their parents all about Mary's eventual death, but to prevent the timeline from being altered, Archangel Michael erased John and Mary's memories of their future children and returned Sam and Dean to their own time ( "Music remains the same soon")... Hansel and Gretel then resumed their normal lives and were expecting their first born child.

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On January 24, 1979, Dean was born, which changed his life drastically. Little else is known about the Winchesters during this time, but we do know from some flashbacks that John and Mary's marriage wasn't always perfect. John (played as an adult byJeffrey Dean Morgan) even had to move away for a while when they found out ("Dark Side of the Moon"). We also know that Mary (played as an adult bySamantha Schmied) occasionally returned to hunt, though he did his best to stay away ("Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox"). Their second child, Sam, was born a few years later on May 2, 1983.

Six months after Sam's birth, Azazel returned to Lawrence to reclaim his deal with Mary, Sam. After pouring her demon blood into the baby's mouth, Mary ran and tried to stop the yellow-eyed demon, but it was too late. Instead, Azazel killed her after getting what she was looking for. John had barely gotten his two children out of the house when it was consumed by fire ("Pilot"). Fueled by revenge and with the help of a local psychic named Missouri Moseley (Loretta Devine), John became a hunter bent on finding and killing the thing that killed his wife ("House"). He would continue to wear his wedding ring until his death.

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quest for revenge

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It took years for John to learn how to become a world-class hunter and keep a detailed diary of all his paranormal exploits. He would often leave Sam and Dean for weeks at a time to hunt a monster, and became a frequent customer of a hunters' bar called Harville's Roadhouse, where he would occasionally meet and work with other hunters. At one point, John became friends with Sioux Falls trapper Bobby Singer (Jim Castor), with whom he left his children from time to time (Bobby became a surrogate father for Sam and Dean).

During this time, John also had another son named Adam Milligan (jake abel), whom he occasionally visited, though he never mentioned it to Sam or Dean, who wouldn't meet his brother until years later ("Point of No Return"). Seeking revenge, John raised Sam and Dean as soldiers, causing a rift between him and Sam, who left for Stanford in 2002 after his 18th birthday. In 2005, John disappeared in search of the yellow-eyed demon and came very close to discovering his true plans for Sam (and others like him), not to mention how to kill the demon. During that time, Sam and Dean began hunting together while John continued to pursue Azazel; They would occasionally cross paths ("Shadow"). The trio even destroyed a nest of vampires (although not all) to get his hands on the demon-slaying weapon, the Colt ("Dead Man's Blood").

When the children searched for their father, they returned to Lawrence to find their childhood home infested with a poltergeist. As it turned out, Mary's spirit still resided there, fighting evil and even saving the lives of her grown children. After apologizing to Sam for her deal with Azazel, her spirit finally passed into Heaven ("Home"). All of this eventually led to a confrontation with the yellow-eyed demon, which resulted in a serious car accident that nearly killed Dean ("Devil's Trap"). In exchange for his own son's life, John made a deal with Azazel: his life for his son's. The demon agreed and after warning Dean about the demon's plans for Sam, John ended up dying and going to Hell ("In My Time of Dying"). After a year of searching, Sam and Dean finally track Azazel down to southern Wyoming, where he has opened a "fucking door to hell". After being hit by the demon, the children were saved at the last moment by the father's spirit, who came from Hell to help his children kill the demon. John then ascended to heaven, at peace at last, with Mary ("All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2").

resurrection and beyond

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Hansel and Gretel remained uninterrupted in their common sky for over a decade in earth years and indefinitely in celestial years. Sam and Dean continued to hunt and saved the world on several occasions, including from darkness (Emily Golondia), who rewarded Dean with a gift: his mother from the dead ("Alpha and Omega"). After Mary died 33 years old, she struggled with her resurrection, the fact that her husband was dead and her children were grown. He didn't remember her death, nor did he remember meeting his children as a ghost. It took Mary months to recognize her current reality and she finally came to see Sam and Dean as her two boys.

Maria spent the next few years living with her children, the angel Castiel (Misha Collins), e o Nephilim Jack (Alexander Kalbert), hunting monsters in the United States. During that time, they faced off against British scholars, creatures from the world of the apocalypse, and the devil (Marcos Pelegrino), while at the same time coming together as a family unit. The boys learned a lot about their mother's hunting background during their new lives and saw her in a completely different light than before (which was difficult for Dean). Despite trying to get away from John, Mary never managed to leave her husband's memory in the past. She continued to love him no matter how much time passed and even wore her wedding ring around her neck.

Due to unforeseen circumstances surrounding a magical bead, Dean wishes John back to the present, where he is reunited with his family. Tragically, the meeting could not last more than a day since John had been removed from 2003 and his presence in 2019 began to gradually change reality (including Mary's resurrection). Eager to lay down his life for his wife, John decided to return to his own time, hoping to be reunited with his family soon. After the first family dinner, Sam destroys the magic pearl. As John begins to fade into the past, Mary holds his hand until he is gone, remembering that the love they shared was eternal ("Lebanon").

But John and Mary wouldn't be apart for long. In an accident involving Jack's godlike superpowers, Mary is killed and immediately sent back to John's shared heaven ("Absence"). While it was incredibly hard for the Winchesters (especially Dean) to lose their mother a second time, they were grateful for the extra time they had with her as adults. At the end of the Supernatural series, Dean reached the gates of heaven and discovered that his parents live happily in their own house nearby. Grateful, Dean drives down Heaven's Highway to meet with Sam before presumably finding her ("Carry On"). Regardless of the struggles they've been through, there's no doubt that the Winchesters will always fight to survive, and the love between John and Mary will live on long after their souls leave Earth.

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