What does a good CBD flower look like? [And what to avoid] (2023)

The world of CBD can be a bit overwhelming with all the different strains to choose from. And when you find a flower that interests you, how do you know if it's the right variety for you? You have to consider the taste, the effects and of course the potency. When you buy CBD, your eyes are your most important tool. Therefore, you need to answer the question "What does a good CBD flower look like?"

Let's see what qualities to look for when choosing a CBD flower.


What is CBD flower?

CBD flowers come from the buds of hemp plants. Hemp is a form of the cannabis sativa plant. It is related to marijuana but has very different effects. Marijuana contains high levels of THC, a chemical compound known for the "high" it induces. Hemp contains low levels of THC (no more than 0.3%), so you won't get high. Instead, it offers high levels of CBD.

THC is the main compound in marijuana that causes the "high." Since CBD flowers only contain a small amount of THC, you should not experience any of the intoxicating effects. Due to the low THC content, CBD flowers are legal in all 50 states.

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the cannabis plant that offers numerous health benefits. The effects of CBD include:

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  • Relief of muscle tension and pain.
  • Calms nervous minds and racing thoughts
  • Support better sleep
  • Improve appetite and digestive function.

from smokingflor cbdis the most popular way to get its benefits, but you can also vape flowers or turn them into homemade edibles!

Judging by the eyes, the CBD hemp flower appears identical to marijuana, although they are not the same. While marijuana is still federally illegal in the United States, the hemp flower is legal in all 50 states thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.

What does a good CBD flower look like? [And what to avoid] (2)

What does a good CBD flower look like?

Generally, the flower of CBD hemp is green in color, ranging from light mint hues to dark forest hues. High quality cannabis strains tend to have purple and orange pigment highlights. This can result in some really amazing color combinations.

If you look closely at the surface of a hemp bud, you should see a layer of tiny, crystal-like hairs. They look messy and feel slightly sticky. These are called trichomes. They serve multiple purposes by providing the buds with a protective coating that keeps out insects and other pests. More importantly, trichomes are the engines of CBD production! A generous layer of trichomes is a good sign of quality cannabis buds.

How do you recognize a good CBD flower?

It can be tempting to buy the most aesthetically pleasing flower based on its packaging or name, but there are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best CBD flower product. They always want to make sure that the processing of each product is done with care, resulting in the highest quality bud.

Try not only to find out how the CBD flower is made, but also to pay attention to the physical properties of the flower, such as: B. the aroma, the physical feel, and its general appearance.

An expert in wine quality is called a sommelier. A CBD expert is being called... well, they don't have a word for that yet, but you're about to become one! Focus on these features:


As mentioned above, high-quality CBD flowers tend to range in color combinations of green, purple, and orange. You can tell that a CBD flower is of high quality because the colors are bright and vibrant and generally pleasing to the eye.

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At the other end of the spectrum, a CBD flower that contains shades of brown, red, or yellow is generally not the best quality CBD. If you find a variety of flowers with any of these colors, we do not recommend buying them. Flowers of this type tend to have very weak effects, if any.

Vibrant colors are the first sign of good cannabis flower varieties. The colors of the hemp plant come from compounds called flavonoids. While their name might reasonably lead you to believe that they contribute to the flavor of the plant, that's not true (we'll unravel that mystery in a bit). Some flavonoids offer unique physiological benefits in addition to beautiful shades!


Expand your vision and consider the texture of your hemp flower. If it's too dry or too wet, it's a sign of an inferior product. Too dry means the flower is likely to be old and fall apart easily. If the flower feels damp, it has not dried well and mold could develop.

Ideally, you should be able to break off a piece of CBD flower without the entire bud falling apart in your hand. The best CBD buds have a generous coating of trichomes that feel slightly sticky to your fingertips. If your CBD hemp flower has these characteristics, you can be sure of its quality.


It's important to look at the label of any CBD product, but experts will tell you that the best way to tell if the product is good is by its aroma. This can be a bit tricky when buying CBD online. However, when companies can provide complete information on the physical properties of their products, it helps in their decision-making process.

The strong aroma of a CBD flower is a strong indication that the product is very potent. A high-quality CBD flower should have a distinctive smell, such as sweet, fruity, citrusy, floral, sour, and many others. When a flower is rich in aroma, it indicates a large amount of terpenes, which give the flower its characteristic smell. If you smell a flower that doesn't have a specific scent, avoid that bud at all costs.

Smell is another characteristic that hemp products share with their cousins ​​in the cannabis family. The distinctive aroma of CBD-rich hemp flowers comes from terpenes. Terpenes are chemical compounds found in many types of plants, from cannabis to pine trees to citrus. They provide aroma and flavor; Therefore, if the flower has a strong odor, it will almost certainly have a strong taste. On the other hand, if the flower smells weak or musty, you should avoid it.

The strong-smelling cannabis flower has another advantage. Terpenes can increase the potency of CBD. It is part of the entourage effect and refers to the combined power of the cannabis compounds. Research also suggests that the terpenes themselves have beneficial effects! A rich terpene profile clearly makes for a quality CBD bud.


As we mentioned earlier, trichomes are tiny crystalline appendages on the surface of CBD hemp buds. Trichomes have a few different biological functions, such as: B. the production of resin and the storage of essential oils and terpenes in the CBD hemp flower. Abundance of mature trichomes on the surface.


Another important thing to consider when choosing a CBD hemp flower is the structure. High-quality CBD buds should be dense and well-formed. Avoid cannabis buds with many air pockets or visible stems. You need professional trimming to remove seeds, stems, and fan leaves.

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CBD flower is generally best when grown indoors. This cultivation process allows farmers to control the environment and protect their crops from aggressive natural elements. This results in higher, more potent yields and a better overall CBD flower product.

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How to know if the CBD flower is of good quality?

In addition to evaluating the physical properties of a CBD hemp flower, you can determine its quality based on the methods of growing a flower. The best bang for your buck is CBD flowers that are grown naturally and contain no traces of chemicals or pesticides.

Another thing to keep in mind is the reputation and transparency of the brand. When a CBD brand is trusted and their products are known, they ensure that customers have the best shopping experience.

Third-party lab tests in the form of certificates of analysis (COAs) are another sign of good transparency. COAs ensure that the compounds in the product actually match what is stated on the label. Companies that can show their COA show that they have nothing to hide.

How to know if it is a low quality CBD flower?

We've talked about the art of identifying good brands of CBD flowers, but how do you identify and avoid low-quality CBD? These are some of the main signs to look out for:

  • Mira: Good CBD flowers usually have a rich color palette dominated by green with some floral accents. If the flower appears brown, yellow or gray, this indicates a substandard product. The buds should be dense and well formed, not aerated and overwhelmed by stems and seeds.
  • Smell: A stronger smell indicates a higher quality CBD flower. The weaker the perfume, the less strong the flower will be and you will not get the desired effect. Also, be wary of flowers that smell musty or moldy, as this could indicate a fungal parasite infection.
  • flavor: The potent CBD hemp flower should have a strong taste thanks to the numerous trichomes. A strong aroma is a good indicator that the flower will have a strong flavor.
  • Tricoma: You want to buy a CBD flower with a clearly visible trichome layer. The buds should appear covered in white peach fuzz. Each one of these little hairs is a CBD factory, so the more you see, the stronger the flower.
  • Potency – CBD Content: You should find the flower potency on the product label or on the product page. For optimal effects, look for CBD hemp flower varieties with more than 10% CBD by dry weight volume.

Where can I find a beautiful, high-quality CBD flower?

Botanical chef of course! We have a wide range of high quality CBD hemp flower varieties such as Sour Space,Aurora borealisand Skywalker OG. All of our CBD flowers are 100% naturally grown, 3rd party lab tested and cruelty free.

Our mission is to bring natural and effective benefits to consumers.CBD products🇧🇷 We are committed to improving the general well-being of our consumers through our range of products such as CBD Hemp Flower, CBD Oil,CBD oil, and more!

We deliver the best varieties of CBD flowers to your doorstep, anywhere in the US. Even better, we offer free shipping on all orders and a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Cheef Botanicals – Good, High Quality CBD Flower Varieties

Let us introduce you to some of our favorite CBD-rich strains:

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Sour Candies from Space (20.66% CBD)

Sour Space Candy is a sativa-dominant hybrid that offers mental and physical calm without drowsiness. You stay lucid and awake, so this tension adjusts to any time of the day. Sour Space Candy's biggest claim to fame is its strong flavor and aroma. Its unique sweet and sour flavor combination may remind you of sweet apples or cherries.

Skywalker OG (20.94% de CBD)

Our strongest CBD variety offers truly extraordinary effects. This sativa-dominant hybrid offers calming and uplifting benefits. With your new skills in judging CBD, you will realize that it is high quality hemp. Its buds are dense and matte with trichomes.

Diesel Azedo (20.165% CBD)

'Sour D', as it is sometimes called, is a legendary sativa-dominant strain. Its name refers to its strong flavor profile, citric and acid. You won't find a strain with a stronger aroma than Sour Diesel. One breath and you will understand how the legend began.

OG Kush (18.08% de CBD)

OG Kush is royalty in the world of cannabis strains. This sativa-dominant hybrid strain provides powerful relaxation, keeping you alert and focused. Thanks to limonene, a terpene commonly found in citrus peels, it has a distinctive lemon aroma and an earthy, spicy finish.

Haze hawaiana (18,00 % CBD)

This sativa-dominant hybrid gets its name from its tropical flavor profile. It has fruity notes of mango and pineapple along with hints of pine and pepper. Hawaiian Haze's rich terpene profile includes calming bisabolol, which is also found in Caribbean chamomile and guaiac flowers. Escape to the tropics on the wave of its energizing effects.

Cookies (18.005% CBD)

This famous strain is also known as Girl Scout Cookies or GSC. Despite its recent development (this strain only hit the market in 2012), Cookies is by far one of the most popular strains in the world today. Consumers love its complex flavor: sweet and nutty with a minty finish. An indica-dominant hybrid, it provides mental and physical serenity, allowing you to stay focused and productive.

Zkittles (20,382 % CBD)

Taste the rainbow of CBD with this variety of sweet and fruity flowers. If good taste is your priority, this is for you. Zkittles is an indica-dominant hybrid, and her high levels of CBD make her perfect for those who need physical relief and sleep aids.

Final Thoughts: What Does a Good CBD Flower Look Like?

When looking for the best CBD hemp flower, it is always best to look at the physical properties of the CBD bud. Things like aroma, structure, and visual appearance play a key role in bringing you the best CBD flower.

If you are in need of quality CBD flowers, take a look at the wonderful range of hemp flower varieties we have.Chef's Botanicals.

Not sure which CBD product is right for you?Take the quick test and find out!

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